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 The Life of a Work at Home MomWorking from home can be the way to go, but be aware of obstacles that you may encounter. Being a work at home mom can be quite rewarding so let us follow her through her daily routine. The very first thing she must do is attend to her children each morning. Continue reading

In some parts of town you see the signs at every intersection. They seem to sprout like mushrooms overnight with messages offering high pay for work-at-home opportunities.


Advertisements in the media and on the Internet incessantly make the same claims.


The trouble is, consumers are scammed every day by many of these “opportunities,” losing large sums of money to the unscrupulous who prey upon the unemployed in times like these. With Kansas’ unemployment rate at 6.5 percent, there is no shortage of people who are searching for ways to get a paycheck. The unemployed, the disabled, students, senior citizens and stay-at-home parents are targeted by these scams. Continue reading

by Chris Rohrer

Everyone seems to be trying to work from home today. With the success most people are having from running a home base business everyone wants to get in on it. I myself have started up a home based business, but I keep my full time job. I have the time and freedom to do what I want to my business when I want. Continue reading

by Robert Nixon

The Home office is becoming more and more common.

Small business is moving out of the expensive store front type of office and into offices with living quarters for the owner and converted rooms for a small staff. The owners are realizing that the change is actually better for their employees, as the relaxed atmosphere does not decrease productivity nor professionalism.

Midsize and larger companies are allowing more and more of their staff to work from home also, with maybe a weekly meeting at the office or via web conferencing. They too are saving money by being able to downsize office space, parking costs and other associated problems. Continue reading

Working moms vs stay at home moms. In the old days, that was a raging debate BECAUSE in the old days, dad was bringing home enough bacon to fry up in that pan of theirs and mom stayed home to raise the kids.

That was this…this is now. With the average household income hovering at about forty three thousand dollars, and the cost of living screaming ahead with reckless abandon, many, many thousands of moms in EVERY state have HAD to go back to work to support the family. Continue reading

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